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Full day tour including Kalaupapa

$ 375

Kalaupapa is CLOSED for all tours
Participants age 16+, up to 70

Tour highlight slides

Please make a reservation one month before the scheduled tour date. In that case, please fill in the participant's date of birth and weight on the application form.
Tour schedule

06:00   Mokulele MW302 flight from Honolulu 

06:38 Hoolehua arrival Mokulele MW302 flight 

06:55 Hawaiian HA602 flight from Honolulu 

07:25 Hawaiian HA602 flight to Ho'olehua 

07:00   Hotel guest pick-up

08:00 Office check-in

08:15 Course description

08:45 Departure from the office

10:15 Arrive in Kalaupapa area (English guide))

-Damian Bus Tour, Caravao District

  Church of St. Philomena, Tombstone of St. Damian


  1:30 Depart for the office

  3:30   Arrive at the office (join with a Japanese guide)

Oahu Lookout

Papohaku Beach

Birthplace of hula (car window)

      Hotel guest pick-up

  5:30 Hoolehua Airport Check-in 

-Hawaiian  HA673 flight

   6:43 HA673 Departs from Hoolehua Airport  

  7:12 HA673 Arrive at Honolulu Airport  

Disclaimer agreement signature

Travel insurance

* This process is just a guide.

There are shops and farmers that are closed on public holidays.

Included in the price:

・ Pick-up and explanation by a Japanese guide living in Japan

・ Round trip from hotels around Ho'olehua Airport Kaunakakai

・ One bottle of water for pets

・ 100% Molokai coffee tasting

・ Kanemitsu or homemade snack tasting

・ A guide and one mule to and from Kalaupapa and the ranch

・ Bus permission toll in Kalaupapa area

・ Lunch Sandwich Potato Chips Drinking water Provided locally


Things to know:
・ Both men and women participate in jeans

Bring a jacket and windbreaker in the rainy season

・ Participate in one handbag for your luggage

・ You cannot participate in the tour with your suitcase.

・ Negotiable for those who participate in the tour after hotel check-out

・ Many stores do not accept cards. Prepare dollar cash

・ Liquid souvenirs are hand-held and cannot be boarded on passenger planes.

・ Prepare sunscreen and insect repellent

・ Participate in sneakers or easy-to-wear shoes

・ Wear the prepared cycling helmet

Signing of disclaimer agreement, overseas travel insurance

Payment method:

Reservations for this tour must be made one month before the scheduled tour date.

・ All reservations are made with a card

・ Cards that can be used are VISA, MasterCard,

・ Same-day card reservation can be switched to cash payment

・ For cards, 3.5% of the total amount and 15 cents will be added

・ 100% charge for cancellation within 48 hours

​​ If the mule is canceled on the day, change to one-day sightseeing

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